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Great Mexican Auto Insurance

More coverage, superior value, and a great choice! Superb Mexican tourist auto insurance for travel in Mexico.

Great Mexican Insurance Coverage

Every Lewis and Lewis TouristHelp Mexican Auto Insurance policy includes:

  1. $500,000 Liability CSL Bodily Injury and Property Damage combination.
  2. Legal Service $100,000 for Attorney Fees; Cost of Criminal & Civil Defense; Bail; Fines.
  3. $10,000 per person Medical Payments, $50,000 per accident.(Motorcycles are excluded for Medical Payments coverage.)
  4. Uninsured Motorist equal to the limit for Medical Payments.
  5. Qualitas One Call 24/7 Mexican Insurance Claim Dispatch
    01 (800) 800-2880; 01 (800) 288-6700; 01 (800) 004-9600;
    In Mexico from an International Cellular Telephone (55) 5258 2880.
  6. Ambulance International and Domestic Air and Ground for an Auto Accident injury or life threatening illness.
    • International Medical Evacuation Air Ambulance to:
      • Vancouver, BC Canada
      • San Diego, CA USA
      • Houston, TX USA
    • Vehicle Breakdown, Theft and Accident coverage
    • Trip continuation or return home or companions
    • Plane tickets $150 per person $750 per event
    • Towing $300 per trip
    • Gasoline to reach the nearest service station
    • Jumpstart and battery recharge
    • Flat tire change and/or deliver flat tire for repair
    • Payment for locksmith work, repair and his travel cost
    • Rental Car for 2 days
  7. GRUPO AUSA: One Call 24/7 claim dispatch:
    01 (800) 262-6911; 01 (800) 365-2400
    In Mexico from an Internation Cellular Telephone (55) 5061 616
    Full Coverage Mexican Auto Insurance Adds:
  8. U.S.A. LABOR RATES Labor rates pay for your vehicle to be repaired in the USA, Canada, or Mexico.
  9. $500 Fixed deductible for Collision and Natural Disaster damage/
  10. $500 Fixed deductible for loss due to Total Theft.
  11. $3,500 Uninsured Motorist Property Damage

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