Guide to the Weather and Seasons in Mexico

Guide to the Weather and Seasons in Mexico

The best time to visit Mexico largely depends on what weather you want during your stay. For a relaxing vacation on the beach, you may want to visit during its hottest months while those looking to hike and explore ruins may prefer cooler temperatures. To determine which time of year is best for your visit, consult this guide to the weather and seasons in Mexico.

Temperature in Mexico

Hottest months

Depending on the area you’re visiting, the hottest time to visit Mexico is generally between April and September. In Mexico City, the hottest month is May when temperatures reach an average of 64 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius). On the Pacific Coast, however, the hottest period is between July and September and between April and May in the south.

Coolest months

Typically, the weather in Mexico is coldest between December and February. Temperatures, however, will vary greatly by region. While it may remain hot in the Yucatan during this time, temperatures can reach freezing further inland.

Seasons in Mexico

Rainy season

The rainy season in Mexico spans between May and October. During this time, the risk of tropical storms is the highest. The positive side of visiting Mexico during the rainy season, however, is that all the water nourishes the landscape so it appears lush and green.

Dry season

Mexico’s dry season occurs between November and April. Weather is normally warm during this time and there is little to no rainfall. As a result, the landscape is often less vibrant and more parched during this season.

Humid season

From May to July, Mexico experiences extremely hot and humid weather. While this is a good time of year to spend snorkeling or swimming along the beautiful coastline, sightseers should wait for a cooler time of year to book their ticket.

High season

High season refers to the most popular time of year to visit a country which results in inflated accommodation and transportation prices. In Mexico, the high season takes place between December and April when tourists from colder countries flock to the country’s calm, warm climate.

Low season

The least popular time to visit Mexico is during May and June, as well as between September and November. During this time, accommodation and transportations prices can be up to 50 percent lower than during the high season.

Hurricane season

Peak hurricane season in Mexico occurs from June to November, with visitors being most at-risk during September.

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