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Mexican Driver's License Auto Insurance Online Application

Traveling to Mexico can be the trip of a lifetime—indulge in the perfect weather, pristine beaches, and delicious cuisine. However, to enjoy everything that Mexico has to offer, you’ll want to make sure you’re covered in the case of an automobile accident. Lewis and Lewis Insurance Agency works hard to help provide tourists with the best Mexican driver's license auto insurance coverage for the fairest prices.

Lewis and Lewis and takes our customer service a step further so customers can

Buy and print your policy in minutes!

Our Mexican driver's license auto insurance policies provide liability-only coverage for various tourist vehicles that a tourist with a valid driver's license operates throughout the entire Republic of Mexico.

We offer policies that fit both your budget and the duration of your trip. Complete our quick and easy Mexican driver's license auto insurance form and get one step closer to enjoying your amazing Mexico getaway.

Coverage Dates

Please keep in mind:

  • Driver's License Mexican Liability Only coverage cost:
    • Annual $187.86
    • 6 Month $160.94
    • 90 Day $144.06
    • 30 Day $129.17
  • Policies start and end at the Pacific Standard Time you specify above.
  • The Date Policy Starts may not be prior to today.

Coverage Area

Plan B: Full Territory.
Drivers License policies cover the Full Mexican Territory.