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Why Do I Need Mexico Auto Insurance?

Mexican auto insurance is insurance coverage that is separate from your current auto insurance policy. Most domestic auto insurance policies do not extend coverage outside of domestic borders. Our policies provide coverage to pay expenses and repairs if you're involved in a car accident while driving a U.S. or Canadian vehicle in Mexico.

Mexico law states that each party involved in the accident must provide proof of valid insurance or financial responsibility. To meet Mexico’s liability requirements, drivers must have insurance from a Mexican Insurance company.

Lewis and Lewis Insurance Agency’s Mexican car insurance cost is the lowest and offers the most coverage. Tourist policies are for any tourist possessing a valid drivers license including Mexican Nationals who are permanent residents outside of Mexico with a Green Card.

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Many travelers do not take into consideration the need for vehicle insurance when traveling. Lewis and Lewis wants to keep you driving safely and legally. Get a free quote on our low-cost Mexican car insurance with great coverage.