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Mexican Tourist Auto Insurance for Sinaloa

Sinaloa is a Mexican state that sits along the coast of the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California. As you travel through the state you’ll become immersed in some of Mexico’s famous desert landscapes. Sinaloa has something for everyone, including hiking, swimming/boating, fantastic views, and historic sites and buildings. One of the more well-known cities in Sinaloa is Mazatlán. This popular resort town sits on the Pacific coast, making it a renowned big game fishing spot. Here you are able to catch Rooster Fish, Trigger Fish, Groupers, Flounders, and more. Being a resort town, this city is full of outstanding water parks and beaches. For the braver individuals out there, you can even swim with sharks. For the outdoorsmen and women, there are plenty of opportunities to ski, kayak, hike, and more.

Once you start planning where you are going to stay in Sinaloa, it’s important to know what activities you’d like to do and figure out they’re locations. The best way to see and do as much as possible while you’re here is to plan it all out. Determine which sights and activities you want to tackle, take note of those located close together, and create an itinerary based on this.

To visit all the charming places of Sinaloa, you are going to need a car. At Lewis and Lewis, we offer the proper coverage needed during your stay here. We provide Mexican tourist auto insurance for Sinaloa visitors that will keep you protected during your stay.

Our Mexican tourist auto insurance for Sinaloa also ensures that you can use your current driver’s license while you are on vacation.

We provide a variety of insurance packages for first-timers and those who repeatedly visit the area. For those looking to find a more permeant spot here, we also offer vacation home insurance in Sinaloa, Mexico.

If you are looking to bring down your boat or purchase a vessel in Mexico, we will provide the proper Mexico boat insurance that you need.

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