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Tourist Vehicle Insurance for Sonora, Mexico

Despite its large size, Sonora is one of the hidden gems of Mexico. Sonora is the second largest state in Mexico and has a lot to offer for citizens or tourists. It is located just south of the United States’ Arizona and California and lays along the Gulf of California. This makes it a great beach vacation spot for tourist looking for a tropical getaway. To the East, visitors can enjoy Sonora’s expansive desert landscape. Tourists looking for great outdoor adventures should venture to the Nacapule Canyon. This beautiful space provides endless hiking, birdwatching, and exploratory adventures. While you are near San Carlos, make sure to stop at the Mirador San Carlos. National Geographic proclaims this spot to have the best ocean views. This beautiful state is full of delicious restaurants, festivals, and more.

Before you visit this wonderful state of Mexico, it’s important to plan out your adventures. As you can see, there is a lot to do—our advice is to determine the activities you want to partake in and their locations ahead of time. This way you can figure out which ventures are near each other, so you can try and visit them on the same day. Otherwise, you’ll waste a lot of time driving to and from different destinations.

That said, the best way to travel throughout Sonora is by car. If you are planning on driving your own car in Mexico you’re going to need the proper auto insurance. That’s where Lewis and Lewis comes in. We provide reliable tourist vehicle insurance for Sonora, Mexico, visitors. We are committed to providing our customers with the most coverage possible. If something does happen while you are visiting Sonora, Mexico, our rapid claims service will make things easier.

Our tourist vehicle insurance in Sonora includes boats. So, whether you bring your own vessel or purchase one during your trip, you can enjoy the seas knowing Lewis and Lewis has you properly covered.

Perhaps you’ve already visited Sonora and are returning to find a second home. Lewis and Lewis is happy to offer outstanding home insurance in Senora, Mexico.

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